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The next phase of remote filing is now available. The initial version of the remote filing software requires escrow accounts for fee payment processing. The version now available adds the use of electronic funds transfer to process fee payments. A nominal fee of $ 3 per document is required for electronic funds transfer. We believe the addition of electronic funds transfer makes the remote filing service even more advantageous to our customers. To Schedule the implementation of this latest version of remote filing software or for more information on remote filing, please contact Tom Sealy at 615.862.6790 or 615.336.8295 (cell).

If you are having difficulty viewing multiple page documents you may need to change viewers. You can purchase software or use freeware from Alternatiff. You can download the free Alternatiff product by clicking Alternatiff.

To check property taxes click Trustee.

Beginning 1-4-16 there will be indexing changes. For a list of these changes see "Indexing Changes 1-4-16" in the "Important Links" section on the bottom of our web page at Register of Deeds

Thank you for subscribing to our Internet service. Automatic draft is now available. All Internet subscribers using the auto draft option will receive a $25 discount per month for each account. For details, please contact Connie Brookshire at 615.862.6790.

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